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Transforming the Conformed February 23, 2007

Posted by stacey27 in instructional design.

Back in the day someone thought it was a good idea to create these super-packed, super-long courses. The more that was in the courses, the better they were. So we have these courses now, with awesome content, yet not many users that have the time to take them. How do we transform the conformed? How do we convince those that designed the large courses that big is not better. Once again, I am not sure…

Learners of today have 15 minute chunks of time and not hour long breaks. Information is better transferred in chunks.

It is a fight for good instruction. So many elements must come together to make it good. So now I mus ttry to transform the conformed. Someday…



1. Stephanie - May 1, 2007

You can’t transformed the conformed due to civilizations hold on the mind and body. No one wants to be seen as different so being conformed is not different when all are conformed, what needs to be done is to create a benifit of being a nonconformist.What is the benifit of smaller courses?

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