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The Great Homework Debate March 28, 2007

Posted by stacey27 in high school, instructional design, other.

I was watching tv last night and a commercial came on for what was upcoming in the news at 11:00 pm. One of the stories had to do with homework. Someone was on tv talking about how homework is hurting our children. Although I did not see the actual news program, it got me thinking about homework.

For someone to go and say that all homework is bad seems very irresponsible to me. I think back to when I was in grade school, and although I do not believe that all homework helped me all that much, I could not have imagined making it through some subjects, such as math, without doing homework. It gave me a chance to practice what was just covered that day and reinforce the learning.

In a website I just found, Nancy Kalish writes about how homework is extremely harmful to a child’s desire to learn or read or such. She believes that there is no evidence that homework helps studenst. I just cannot believe that. I distinctly remember my experience with homework and know that for me its not true.

My papers and projects I worked on in school gave me the skills to produce papers and write documents in college and even now in my job. It was the foundation for future learning.

However, that does not mean that I dont think that in the schools today some teachers overdo it with homework. I definitely believe they do. Just as you must do things in moderation, homework is no different. Teachers must separate “busy work” from truly necessary reinforcing homework.

I also believe that for the most part, homework should be a reinforcement for learning. It cannot replace the teacher. Guidance by a teacher is still necessary. However, you cannot wipe homework out.

So I think that the people who argue to get rid of homework need to rethink their approach. Homework is not all bad. It depends on how homework is used in the scheme of learning. And I think the teachers need to rethink their approach to assigning homework. They must have an instructionally sound reason for doing so.



1. michael - June 3, 2007

it was good on what u said but. u have to give a view on the subjects given the home work. the teachers pile on home regards less of seee what each subject gives. students get about 5 projects a day from different subjects. the student get stress and is unable to work. the next day the students head isnt clear and makes mistakes. he then cant ask the teacher the apropriate answer or question on how to do work… send repsonse on what u think

2. Undead crow - June 3, 2007

i think thw work load is to big . and the teachers dont explain the work properly. due to lack of interest in the school. the work doesnt seem to reach there ears. its like the tv side show when the students dont each enough they hear the words but it goes through there head then out agian. student these days dont lisen and shouldnt be in a school that others want to learn. the ones that show no interest and hate being there shouldnt be allowed to stay. the make it hard for the teachers to work. and submit work. due to students that dont want to learn cause bullying. to think this over send reply to thsi email of response.

3. dj - December 23, 2009

if it is made an arduous ask for students, they wil seek other ways of fullfilling the’obligation’. mere copying sums or paragraphs from text books will never benefit students. it will be like killing time. instead, homework should be creative and fun, which motivates children to do it and sheds off ‘burden’ tag from the same.

stacey27 - December 23, 2009

Great point!

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