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It’s great to go back. April 24, 2007

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Last week I attended the CAC Conference at Bloomsburg University. Basically it is a chance for alumni of the program and those in the learning industry to get together, share ideas, support the students and program, and network. Since I have graduated from the program in 2004, I have been back to all but one CAC conference. I find it to be a great learning experience, a lot of fun, and I just love being able to contribute something back to such a great program.

This past CAC conference was no exception. I learned a lot from the CAC member presentations on Wednesday. Presenting myself for the first time at CAC was a good experience. It felt good to go back and have something to share. I hope to continue to do this.

Many great solutions to the RFP were presented by the students on Thursday. I always find this to be the greatest feat of the three days. With the program being a year long, and even though you have a semester or so of class before getting into this capstone course, applying the strategies and thinking creatively as a new learning professional is a challenge. I remember my experiences – and I am thankful for how I have continued to grow outside of the program in my working experiences. The presentations this semester were very well done, with a lot of great ideas and some great demonstrated instructional strategies. When I first experienced the student presentations as an attendee of the conference, I remember feeling so much for the presenting students. The longer I am out, the less I feel nervous for the students and the more I just appreciate the experience this grad program provides.

Needless to say, I brought back a lot of ideas to work. I hope to never stop going back to this conference. I feel like I learn just as much by going back as I did presenting. Life is a continual learning experience. Just because I have finished my degree doesn’t mean I stop learning…


Bummer April 24, 2007

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So it’s official. I did not get into Lehigh’s doctoral program for Learning Sciences and Technology. After countless days checking the mail, I finally emailed the program and got my response. Then the letter came in the mail yesterday (finally…).

So now I move on. I have decided to expand my search (problem is I was looking for something that was close so that I could fit it into my schedule). Maybe I can find something else. And then I can also try again next year. I can’t let go of my ambition. I have to admit it was a bummer when I first learned of this news, but I can’t let that get to me.

Keep movin on!