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Evolve or stay the same? May 9, 2007

Posted by stacey27 in high school, instructional design.

Does it not make sense that as the world changes, education has to evolve with it? Shouldn’t education prepare a student for the world in which they live? Wouldn’t it make sense to educate high school students with the skills they require to survive in today’s workplace?

Two recent articles/posts that I have read both relate to the same issue but focus on different aspects.

In Karl Kapp’s blog post “Hire that Kid!,” Karl highlights the void of technology in the classroom and the need to update the schooling system. Stemming from an article that discusses the banning of iPods from classrooms to deter cheating, he makes very valid points that the use of iPods and other technological gadgets by students displays an ingenuity that is valuable in today’s workplace.

I know personally, friends come to me with all of their technology issues and questions. I never claim to be an expert on selecting the best hard drive or networking the computers in a household. But what I do know is how to “google.” I often joke that I should open a company where people can contact me with a search request or a question and I will google it and get back to them with the answer.

In a somewhat related issue, The Story-Centered Curriculumaddresses the defunct high school system. His suggestion to enhance the learning and better prepare students for the real world is to teach students through a series of realistic projects that mesh together different subjects and facilitate group learning. Each project then builds upon the previous one.

I see this being highly effective. With the student in the center of their learning experience, and the teacher filling more of a facilitator role. I would be very eager to see how this curriculum is received by students and learn more about actual story-centered projects.



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