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Rules for Course Design August 6, 2007

Posted by stacey27 in development, visual design.

I have been tasked at work recently with updating some courses. They were built a few years ago, and while the content is still relevant, the design may not be as current. (or designed as well as it could be)

Right now I am working on my second course and I am noticing a bit of a trend on the changes I am making to update these courses. Here is a list of the things I have been doing to make sure that the courses are well developed and and have a good visual design.

  1. No unnecessary animations. They distract the learner. Unless if it is an animation that is pertinent to the delivery of the content, I say they must be removed.
  2. No bright blocks of color behind text. These bright colors behind text or as the text color, perhaps, are again distracting. When the learner focuses on the bright colors or has trouble reading the content, you begin to lose him or her. If I use a dark color in the background, I make sure that the color is in fact dark, and I’ll use a very light color for the text, such as white. Most times though, I stick to a light background – maybe a slightly tinted white – and use dark text. This is the easiest for the user to read.
  3. Use clean easy to read buttons. I cannot stand when I roll over a button and it moves away from me, or shifts. I tend to use the buttons built into Flash many times because they are clean and well built. If I dont use one of those buttons, I focus on making my buttons simple, clean and easy to read.
  4. Make sure images are not distorted. To ensure the images maintain the appropriate proportions, hold the shift key when re-sizing using the transform tool (in Flash). Or always constrain proportions. You dont want want an image to look stretched out.

This is only a short list right now. More to come in time.



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