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Compliance Training: Stumped February 15, 2007

Posted by stacey27 in compliance.
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The whole issue of compliance training stumps me. The compliance industry seems to devour itself. The requirements for such training do not entirely support engaging and non-linear training, however, this is what the learner wants. The learner wants control of their learning and I don’t blame them.

I am stumped, yet the company moves ahead. We create courses in the standard way. Multiple sections and subsections lined with content packed pages. Duration extends way longer than it should be, yet this information must be learned. And in many cases, learned in this order. The execs at banks want straight forward compliance training, so we satisfy them. The learners want to be engaged and take control – they’re left to want.

So by satisfying the execs we forget about the learners? What is the goal of training? Is it for the learners to learn or for the execs to be happy?

And if the learners are made happy, does this mean the content in the training is sacrificed? Where’s the happy medium? Is there a happy medium?……………..