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Project Organization Tool March 21, 2007

Posted by stacey27 in project management.
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There’s a great new program I just found and have started using. ThinkingRock is a great tool to get things done when you don’t know what all needs to be done. For me, sometimes attacking a project is hard because you are looking for the end result, when there are actually many smaller projects and tasks that must be completed before you can accomplish your overall goal. I downloaded and used ThinkingRock this morning and found it just great!

Although the interface of ThinkingRock was a bit confusing at first, I shortly found my starting place. The program has you begin by entering comments into its interface. It then takes each of those comments and makes you decide whether it requires an action or not. If it does require an action, you specify what the end result can be and either when it needs to be completed, by who, or if it’s done. And all of these things can be grouped into little projects, even categorizing by putting smaller projects within bigger projects.

It was great to use this morning, after just coming into work, to start off my day. It focused me. I am currently in the midst of a website redesign project and there is much to be completed yet. I created tasks and gave descriptions as to what would be the desired result.

My favorite part of this program: Once you get everything entered, you can create a report in a pdf and hand it out to your team, as a task checklist. The reports can get pretty detailed or be brief.

What a great tool! I haven’t even gone into detail here, but I must say – you must try it!