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Oh how far we’ve come! February 2, 2009

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In my daily internet travels, I came across this great video from 1981 about the rise of news reporting on the internet. We have come so far!


Students Today November 4, 2008

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Great post by

another iPhone review? July 29, 2007

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So in skimming through my google reader, I came across an article on Last100, a blog about the digital lifestyle. Often the articles and posts that surprise me will catch my attention. When an author takes a stance that is not the majority, or is unique, I am fascinated.

Well, this post was centered around the iPhone – but not the typical article you find on the iPhone, either dissing or praising the iPhone. This article focused on the features offered on the iPhone. The author, Daniel Langendorf, notes that Apple took the lesser road when designing the iPhone, only integrating features that the average consumer would use.

It’s as if Apple “dumbed down” the iPhone on purpose, choosing to do things a certain (less complicated) way even though the technology exists to do these things in a more complete (albeit complicated) fashion. One cannot edit a Word document or spreadsheet on the iPhone like they can on a smart phone. Or cut and paste between email and notes. Or hyper-organize oneself with calendar, email, or contact programs.

Yet, he notes that this is refreshing to him because they are not including features just because they can. Instead the iPhone serves as an accompaniment to a computer, not acting as a mini computer itself.

While Daniel admits that the iPhone is definitely lacking in some areas, his new outlook on the device made me open my eyes to the iPhone. I may not be buying one anytime soon, but it taught me to look at the iPhone in a new light. To see it as doing what it is made to do very well, despite the fact that it does not do it all. It’s not supposed to. It wasn’t designed that way.